Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dullstroom is Cuteness

My parents have come to South Africa for a visit. I am enjoying showing them around our neighborhood and the fun things that we've discovered such as the Bryanston Organic Market. This past weekend, we took the opportunity to visit a new part of the country, a town called Dullstroom.

Dullstroom is a three hour drive to the east and is located in the Mpumalanga (the M is silent) Province in a section known as the Highlands. This name is fitting because this town is at elevation.

Some of the unique things you can find in Dullstroom are, a clock store with the largest selection of clocks in the southern hemisphere (no, I'm not kidding), lots of streams - it's a very popular destination for fly fishing, a birds of prey rehab center, and some of the coolest temperatures in all of South Africa. It was still sunny and warm though.

Saturday afternoon my parents hung out at the hotel while Mr. Deep and I checked out a place called Wild About Whisky, a bar that contains the largest whisky menu in the southern hemisphere. They offer various tastings of numerous whiskey combinations served in small flights similar to a wine flight. I didn't have any whiskey, mostly because I don't enjoy vomiting in the middle of the night. So while Mr. Deep sampled I had some sherry (why I really don't know it just seemed like the thing to do) and played with the camera.

The whiskey tasting included a little pitcher with water and an eye dropper. After sniffing and tasting each Mr. Deep was instructed to open each one up by adding a bit of water and then tasting again. A picture of his favorite of all that he tasted is below in case you want to run out and buy a bottle.
My parents and me outside of the Highlander hotel.
Following the tasting, we all went out to dinner at a casual pub located inside the Dullstroom Inn. 

Sunday, before we headed back home, Mr. Deep and I went for a hike. At the top of the trail we were at close to 7000 feet!

Here are some pictures of the hike and the town.

not the best quality picture but wanted to show you a township off in the distance
I love this picture!
This is nice but why am I walking in such tall grass where snakes can hide? 
a partial bridge that we had to balance our way across
Autumn in May seems strange


  1. Love the pictures and that your parents got to come visit you!!!! I am so excited for your adventures and that you get to share with your parents! Have so much fun!

  2. Very interesting. And I love the photo of you and your parents. You all look so athletic! Hope you put up some more.


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