Monday, May 4, 2015

Parklife Gourmet Food and Music Festival

Yesterday Mr. Deep and I met up with some friends at the Parklife Music and Gourmet Food Festival. Yes, we have a few friends now. We met these particular friends at the beer fest a few weeks ago. 

Like the beer fest, the music festival was held in a huge park on big open sports fields. The event was a little more expensive than the beer fest with the tickets costing R950 for both of us. Once inside you had to pay for food and drinks but the prices were very reasonable - R25 for beer and about R50 per food item so less than $100 for both of us to get in plus beers costing less than $2.50 and food costing less than $5.00. I really need to stop thinking in American dollars at some point.

There were three stages and about 15 acts in total. Some of the acts were not very good but I don't think we were the demographic the festival was aiming to please as we were older than most attendees by about 20-25 years. The most well-known bands that played were American Authors and Modest Mouse. A South African band called Prime Circle, who you may have heard of, also performed. Here is one of their hits. 

The weather this time of year is absolutely stunning. While I tend to think commenting on the weather and allowing it to have any impact on your daily life is silly, I can't help but love the late fall/early winter weather we are experiencing. No rain, bright blue skies, hot days and cool nights. Like really cool. The minute the sun goes down you need a sweatshirt, as Mr. Deep and I found out the hard way! We didn't stay for Modest Mouse because it was getting late, we wanted to beat the Uber rush and it was getting cold. But what a fun day!

People here LOVE meat!

This is what Mr. Deep had for lunch

I had the chicken burrito

No glassware! Plastic cups and cans only.
A saxophone and a DJ - called Klingande. Their hit "Jubel" was the most shazamed track across Europe, here it is if you want to listen and view the video.
American Authors on stage. They have this hit song
American Authors
Young hipsters hanging out

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