Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Madikwe Game Reserve - Part 3

this time a sunrise
Our final day at Madikwe we were again up early for our morning game drive. The search for wild dogs was forgotten and Gavin declared that we were going in search of lions. I think everyone who goes on a safari in Africa is hoping to see a lion.

Finding a lion may have been the objective of the day, but shortly after we set out we saw a leopard. This time, it wasn't a fleeting view of a leopard in a tree, rather it was full on sighting. Gavin took us off road and we tracked her (Gavin said she was female) for a while. At one point she took off in an attempt to attack an impala but she was unsuccessful. I also get the feeling she didn't give it 100% effort.

I mean seriously!
We felt really fortunate that we got to see a leopard close up and in action. Many people go on numerous game drives and will never see a leopard.

And we did get to see our lion. Don't you just love his aloof expression? 

It's like he's saying "o.k. move along"
After the lion viewing, it was time to head back. Before leaving Madikwe, Mr. Deep and 
I spent some final time at the water hole. We were thrilled when a whole herd of elephants showed up to drink.

Mom and baby
What do you think makes a great vacation? Relaxation, excitement, great food? Yes to all of the above? Tuningi Safari Lodge was an experience filled with all three and more. The more part was the people. Gavin and Heidi were wonderful. It is very evident that they love their jobs, the lodge, the animals and meeting the guests. Mr. Deep and I will definitely go back to Madikwe. There are other lodges in the reserve and it would be fun to try another lodge but I don't think Gavin and Heidi can be outdone.

Finally, we didn't end up with a pile of baboons in our cabin but we did see a whole group of them walking down the paved road right after we left the park. It was too fleeting to get the camera so you'll have to take my word for it.

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