Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Bryanston Organic Market

I visited this market a few weeks ago but that day it was pouring rain and I didn't yet have a real kitchen. I returned last week on a sunny day. I love this market! The market is held on Thursdays and Saturdays at the Michael Mount Waldorf School. As per the website, "the focus of the market is on the good health and physical well being of the soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet alike, in a community environment that offers wholesome fun, food and artistic flair." Why is the phrase wholesome fun so funny? 

The market began way back in 1976 and all profits from the market benefit the school's infrastructure. A Waldorf school, I just learned, is a school based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and you can learn more about him and this type of education here.

I look forward to returning regularly as the market offers lots of fresh produce as well as meat, eggs, crafts, clothing and more. I was most excited about the produce. It's not that I can't buy great produce in the grocery stores here, I can, but I think it's fun to buy it this way if possible. Also, I found turmeric root at the market and Mr. Deep says that is the stuff that will keep us alive.  Here are some pictures from the market. 

This is not produce...

I include this picture for my parents who live across the road from an alpaca farm in NY

People eating and listening to music

I post this picture so you can get an idea of the prices. The exchange rate is about 12 rand to one dollar so for example the carrot bunches cost less than $1.50
This is my haul. The things that look like vanilla beans on the lower left are purple beans. I bought a bag of them because I had never seen them before. The guy who sold them to me wrote down a recipe of how to make them. Kind of like mashed potato bean thing. I haven't tried it yet. 


  1. This looks wonderful! It's so great that it's nearby. Love the pics too.

  2. So fun!! Can you ask the school if they will put out some Pennies boxes? I'll send them over :)


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