Friday, January 9, 2015

My First Blog Post: New Year New Everything

Well this is weird. Today is the day the world went back to work and school following the holidays. It is now officially the yucky part of winter. Christmas decorations are past their prime. In New York City yesterday I saw more than one former Christmas tree, now stripped naked of anything sparkly, tossed aside on the curb. Everything on the Today show this morning was all about losing weight and healthy eating. The Starbucks cups have transformed from their festive red to "rest of the year" white. And it's cold. According to the older gentleman sitting behind me talking to his friend its gonna be 9 degrees tonight...and according to him, that's not even counting the wind chill factor.

So far I've described a scene that's more depressing than weird. What feels weird today for me is while the world went back to work today, I did not. In fact I'm likely not going back to work for a long, long time. Two weeks ago I left my job, a place where I worked for over 19 years. I left for a new adventure...a life in South Africa where my husband and I will be moving in a few weeks. This blog is going to be about our life there as well as my adjustment to being a homemaker full time. I don't know anyone who has ever moved to South Africa and I don't know any working age female who has no children and doesn't have a job. I'm sure there are some. (I'm not counting people who are looking for a job in this category by the way.) So welcome to 2015 and the start of a new year, a new blog, and for us a whole boat load of changes...should be interesting!

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