Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moving Day. The First in a Series...

Today is moving day. Sort of. The movers are here to box up everything we own and put it on a crate and then on a slow boat (takes 7 weeks) to Africa. For the next two weeks or so we will be living in temporary housing here in New York. Once we arrive in Africa we will again live in temporary housing until we find a permanent home.

Have you seen the scene in Goodfellas where Henry is running around like a crazy person, making the sauce, picking up the babysitter at the airport? All while being followed by police helicopters? Well that was me this morning, minus doing coke  - although I did have a venti coffee from Starbucks. Also, as far as I know I wasn't being followed by cops.

In order to make sure we have everything we need for the next two weeks I created a little area of our living room for the "do not pack zone." I promise and swear to you that I did not mean for the way I created this zone to be amusing or funny. When my husband saw it he cracked up laughing and said that I had to take pictures of it for the blog. Then, the movers arrived and they also seemed to find this little zone hilarious.

I made the zone out of little strips of paper that I then taped onto the floor.

The Do Not Pack Zone

Each little slip of paper outlining the zone looked like this:

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