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Friday, January 30, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

When you get engaged the first question everyone asks is, "when's the wedding." When you are pregnant (I'm guessing) the first question everyone asks is "what is your due date?" or "are you going to find out the sex?" Below is a list of questions people ask you when you quit your job and are moving to South Africa. With answers.

Q - How long will you be in South Africa?
A- 3 years

Q- After the 3 years will you come back to the US/NY?
A - We don't know

Q- Where in South Africa are you moving?
A - Near Johannesburg in the Northern suburbs map it!

Q-Did you have to get shots?
A- No, at least not that we are aware. So hopefully no because we didn't.

Q- What are you (wife) going to do?
A - See this post

Q - Wow! What did your parents say?
A - They said they were excited for us, although I am sure they were a little sad. They said they will come and visit.

Q - Do they speak English there?
A - Yes! Thankfully!

Q-  Do you get to come home?
A - Yes, twice a year.

Q - (well really more of a comment) Wow, watch out for lions!
A - Definitely!

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