Monday, February 23, 2015

The Farmer's Market Excursion

Yesterday we visited the Farmer's Market in Fourways which is about 20 minutes from where we are staying. What a wonderful experience! This market is open every Sunday and seems to be extremely popular. It opens at 10:00 a.m. and by the time we arrived at 10:45 it was so crowded we had to park in the overflow parking lot. There were very few (if any) farmers at this market. It would probably be more accurate to call it an Artisan Market or a Food and Craft Market. But I'm not judging. They had live music and the guy sang "Sugar Man" which we thought was cool because it proves that people here really do love Rodriguez. Plus it was coincidentally Oscar Sunday. Check out the pictures.

This is biltong. It is jerky and is very popular here. I am going to conduct a biltong tasting and will create a future blog post to share thoughts. 

Close up of biltong

Cheeses for sale
The most popular booth was selling these cocktails. They came in ball jars and had either rum or vodka and various fruits. Interesting because in the U.S. glass would likely not be allowed an at event like this. You had to return the glass before leaving. The bee was included free of charge.
There was no shortage of booze at this market

The seating consisted of hay bales and stumps
Lots of gardens and plants for sale

This was the most popular food item. It seems to be chicken strips and fries with either blue cheese or mozzarella cheese.
Cute girls that we met. They gave us a lot of suggestions regarding things to do and places to visit. Notice the fruity drinks they had. I had champagne.


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