Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Don't Know. Valentine's Day Edition

We still have more questions than answers as to when we will be departing for Africa. Yesterday marked four weeks since we submitted our visa paperwork. Poor Mr. Deep walked around compulsively checking his phone all day waiting for the consulate to call and say that we could come and pick up the visas. They never called.  Things are getting tricky because we have airline tickets to fly out on Tuesday. Obviously we can't leave without the visas. To make things even more complicated we now no longer have a car and tomorrow we have to move out of our temporary apartment. You know the phrase "it's just you and me?" well that could not be more true because at this point it's Deep, it's me, it's a few suitcases and it's about to be living out of a hotel.

In happy news we had a fun afternoon and night in NYC with Deep's sister and nephew. Although it was freezing cold we went up on top of the Empire State building. It was a gorgeous and clear day. Nothing like seeing for miles to remind you that you are really just dust in the wind.

Looking east toward the UN and the East River from the top of the Empire State Building

We then enjoyed a yummy Italian Dinner and a comedy show.

The comedy show was extra entertaining because we tried at the last minute to get tickets at the well known Comedy Cellar but they were sold out. We put our name on the waiting list only to be approached by a guy with a clip board asking us if we wanted to see a comedy show at a bar nearby for just $20 per ticket. It was probably close to zero degrees at this point so we wanted to do anything that was inside...and fast!  We paid the money (cash only of course) and he handed us a sheet of paper with some writing on it. We started to wonder if we had been totally scammed. Why does having a clipboard make all things seem official? Luckily it was not a scam and we got to see at least ten comics of varying comedic ability. It was a lot of fun and took our mind off our of our uncertainties.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Happy Valentines Day! If you are interested in staying in NJ I have a town home that is vacant and will be until mid March or until I can bend my leg. Let me know if you would like to use it. It is walking distance from the train, even though it's cold. I will tell you it hasn't been used since August when I got put on bedrest, but it's pretty sweet. Let me know if I can help.


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