Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It's a long flight. Fourteen hours and 25 minutes was the flight time announced from JFK to Johannesburg when we took off yesterday. In case you're curious, here is how I passed the time.

2 magazines
2 books
several downloaded movies on Ipad
noise cancelling headphones
candy and snacks galore
This all in addition to the many movie and television show options available on the flight

The last time (and the only time) that we flew to Johannesburg Mr. Deep was seated in business class and I...well, I was not in business class. Keep in mind he was traveling on business and I was not. Or at least that's how the company policy viewed the situation. This time, we were both seated in coach. Why it's different I'm not sure but I do think it's good for him to see how the other half live.

The plane rows had two seats, four seats, two seats and was not full so I tried to spread out to a vacant four seat row but the flight attendant stopped me and said she was moving a family into that row. So I ended up sitting with Mr. Deep. It was actually good to sit by him because even though he really doesn't like to speak at all while on planes, I got a little sad as we were getting ready to take off. I was just thinking about my parents and friends and all the people I will miss when we leave. So I moved my seat and Mr. Deep held my hand and I felt a little better. 

As pre-planned I listed to Toto's Africa upon takeoff. The flight departed at 10:40 a.m. from JFK. Soon after takeoff lunch and wine were served. What's weird about the flight is immediately after lunch, at around noon eastern time, they act like it's nighttime. Everything is dark, the flight attendants never come around and it seems like most people sleep. I noticed this the last time too and I find it strange that all the other passengers just kind of fall for the trick and fall asleep for hours in the middle of the day. Maybe they stay up all night in preparation?

12 hours til landing
Watched 2 episodes of Modern Family. Thought about how it is a great show. Wished I had watched more of it when I had the chance. 
Watched Shawshank Redemption. Cried a little at the end when (spoiler alert but if you haven't seen it by now are you really going to? ) Red met Andy down in Mexico.
Ate a snack (I know we just ate lunch!)
Walked around the plane to prevent blood clots.

9 hours til landing
Read Self Magazine. Thought about how much more I can work out now that the weather will be nice. Felt inspired.
Watched Mr. Deep sleep. 
Watched Whiplash. Was excited to see it because it was the last Oscar nominated best picture movie I needed to see. Not that I will be able to watch the Oscars but still. Got annoyed that the swearing was dubbed over. Found it funny that when Mr. Deep started watching it about a half hour after I did that he said he found it annoying that the swearing was dubbed over. 
Wished I had popcorn. Especially during the scene in the movie when they eat popcorn.
Walked around the plane and drank a bunch of water.
Hoped that my parents would remember to drink a lot of water and walk around when they fly over to visit.

6-1/2 hours til landing
Realized that is the length of time of a flight from NY to California
Realized that it's 7:30 p.m. back in NY
Thought about all of the great beauty products I read about in Self Magazine. Assumed they are not available in SA and tried to forget about them.
Tried to sleep. Instead wondered if I am making the biggest mistake of my life. Played a game called "What If" 
Wondered what if I hate SA, what if I'm homesick, what if I don't make any friends, what if it's not good for my relationship with Mr. Deep to have this added level of change and stress.
Tried to think of ten positive things about the move. Forced myself to make a list:
1) the weather 
2) having a pool
3) more free time
4) new experiences
5) the challenges will bring Mr. Deep and me closer together
6) we will make new friends
7) friends and family from the U.S. will visit us
8) this is a great professional opportunity for Mr. Deep
9) it's good to step out of your comfort zone in life
10) could only come up with nine!

5 hours til landing
Fell asleep. Slept on and off for a while.

3 hours til landing
Woke up and noticed that it was light out. Thought that three hours is the equivalent of a flight from NY to Dallas.
Ate the breakfast they served. 
Watched Modern Family episodes again. Thought about not watching the episodes so that I wouldn't have to admit it in the blog. Decided to watch anyway.
Brushed my teeth and tried to wake up. 


  1. I often wonder how I would ever last on a flight that long! Great itinerary! I saw some one from Africa read my blog. Was hoping it was you! :) Can't wait to learn about that country and your experiences.

  2. Number 10 is seeing part of the world most people only dream of.

  3. Yes! Good one Marie-Claire ✈️😄


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