Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Love on the Rocks

A glorious view from our room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 
Last weekend was a three day holiday weekend here in South Africa. The holiday is called Day of Reconciliation and it's purpose is to celebrate and promote racial harmony and unity. The holiday was first celebrated in 1995 after the end of apartheid. 

Mr. Deep and I took a trip to Kwa Zulu Natal one of the South African provinces. Affectionately called K Zed N, remember a Z is called a Zed here, Kwa Zulu Natal is in the south eastern part of the country and has a lovely, long coastline along the Indian Ocean.  Last year, we visited Durban in K Zed N, but it was winter and it was rainy and cold. This time, however the weather was perfect. 

We stayed in Umhlanga Rocks, located north of Durban at a fancy schmancy hotel called the Beverly Hills. 

My suggestion is that you run, not walk to the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is luxurious and every room faces the ocean. They give you champagne when you check in. They give you more champagne at breakfast. While you are laying in the sun a guy comes by and asks you if you want your sunglasses cleaned. Then later another guy comes by and asks if you if want a popsicle. If you want, you can also get a massage right there overlooking the beach. 

The rocks in Umhlanga Rocks
It looks like a face
Rock close up
I mentioned in this post that Mr. Deep and I only recently became aware that you can sit around on vacation and do absolutely nothing. Why it took us so long to learn that lesson I am not sure. But nothing is precisely what we did for three days. Because we didn't DO anything this blog post is not going to be chock full of content. But we got some great photos and I wanted to share them. You might notice that most of the pics appear to be taken from the same exact vantage point. That's because I rarely got up from my chair. And what I found out is that if you just sit in the same spot for a while interesting things will actually happen right in front of you. 

I mentioned we didn't move much right? 

A wedding took place out on the pier. Luckily, I had my zoom lens and could remain comfortably seated and still get some photos.


You can probably guess who took the next two photos. 

Eventually, we did get up an explore a bit. But don't worry we quickly returned to the comfort of our chairs. 

It was Mr. Deep's idea that we snap this pic because there were so many shades of blue.


  1. Love it! Did you get a chance to go nextdoor to the Oyster Box Hotel? For high tea, or to take a look at their beautiful library?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, we went there for dinner at the Grill Room. The food was fantastic. We tried to go a little early to sit at the lighthouse bar but it was closed because....the hotel had no water. And, there were two weddings taking place at the hotel at the time. Craziness. But when we returned for dinner all seemed to be resolved and so we visited the Lighthouse bar after dinner. Gorgeous old hotel. Did you guys stay there?

    3. yes, we stayed there and loved it. I also remember at least one wedding - it seems to be the destination for those. It's such a quaint hotel, and the beach is fantastic.


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