Friday, July 8, 2016

Even More Chitabe

Chitabe was not all fun and games. Look at the huge spider we found in our tent. Guess who got to hold the phone next to it for scale. Me aka the brave one. 

I thought that this post would cover our final days at Chitabe and the start of our time at Jacana, the second camp we visited in Botswana. However as I looked through the photos and my notes (yes, I take notes. I take this blog very seriously) I realized that there were still many more Chitabe adventures and photos to share. So here is the last of Chitabe. 

Friday morning was quite cold but we set out with BB looking for wild dogs. Wild dogs are tough to spot and we were not successful. BB then heard from another guide that there was a leopard relaxing after chowing down on a big kill so we headed over to check it out. The leopard had clearly just finished eating and her kill was hanging in the tree. The kill was hidden so I couldn't get a photo of that but I was able to get some pictures of the leopard relaxing and digesting. 

This is how I look after a big meal

During the last few drives there were some additional amazing animal sightings.

Monkeys are what South African people would call "naughty" as they often steal food and area a nuisance. But how can you not love their faces? 

Black backed jackal

At Chitabe we saw many predators and a total of five different leopards. On Saturday morning there was lots of excitement during our final game drive. Mr. Deep spotted leopard (number five) and was busy taking photos when an elephant standing to the side of our vehicle started getting upset. You can tell elephants are upset when they stomp a foot, wave their ears or hold their trunk up above their head. Mr. Deep knows all of this as you will remember he's been watching nature shows on TV since the 70s. He quietly and calmly began mentioning to BB "um elephant, he's getting upset." BB was not too concerned though. His advice to Mr. Deep was to "die quietly."

Following the angry elephant we spotted a lioness alone and drinking from a small pond. 

And if all of this was not enough of a thrill, as the drive was wrapping up BB spotted a lion family. Mom, dad and cubs! The dad was relaxing a few yards away (sleeping) while the mom was handling the kids. The kids were crying and BB said they wanted to nurse. Near the den lay the carcass of a kudu that the family had been munching on. 

Only later when I got home and reviewed the photos did I recognize the mother as the same lioness we saw earlier in the week. The one with the unusual eyes.
The dad. He was busy resting a few feet away while the mother was dealing with the cubs. 
The cubs!

Hi dad! 
Me standing in front of what is known as a sausage tree.
My favorite photo from the entire trip even if Mr. Deep is wearing his 20 year old flannel. 
When it was time to leave Chitabe we headed for the airstrip for our flight to Jao another airstrip in the Okavango Delta. While we were waiting we walked around on the runway until the call came over the radio that the plane was coming. At which point Mr. Deep and I laughed about "de plane, de plane" in our best Tattoo voices. Mr. Deep and I were the only two people on the plane except for the pilot and co-pilot. As we flew toward Jao the landscape changed a lot. More water. Our adventures at our second camp, Jacana, coming in my next post.

On the airstrip waiting for the plane. Also I should stop poking fun at the flannel because I am wearing this same old hat in every photo.
De plane de plane!

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