Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Post Lecture Fun

You can imagine that following the whole Kwaad experience we were nervous to go on another safari in Pilanesberg. That episode occurred on Friday evening and we had planned to go on at least two additional game drives over the weekend. What would we do if we showed up at the meeting point only to learn that Kwaad was our leader? 

If we were assigned to Kwaad, Mr. Deep decided that he would feign illness and announce that he couldn't go on the safari. If you know Mr. Deep personally you won't be surprised to learn that his fake illness of choice was a serious case of diarrhea.  The plan was that if we arrived on Saturday morning and were assigned to Kwaad, Mr. Deep would grab his belly, double over, announce that he was in major gastric distress and then run off toward the bathroom. I was supposed to follow him (not into the bathroom but just far enough to get away from the group) to make sure he was alright. As fool proof (and creative) as this plan was, fortunately we did not have to put it into action as we were assigned to a new guide named Jonathan.

Jonathan was a lovely guide. He was very knowledgeable and also announced that if anyone saw anything (or even thought that maybe they had spotted something) that they should announce it to the group. 

We saw some great animal sightings with Jonathan including a pride of 9 lions which we came upon both in the morning and again in the evening. During the evening game drive we saw these same lions patiently stalk and then give chase to wildebeest.  We don't know if there was a kill because the chase took them out of our viewing area. But it was exciting! 

Enjoy the photos.

Rhino butts!
Elephants greeting each other

Impala in morning light
Part of the pride of 9 lions

Walking while eating grass

lioness stalking wildebeest
This is part of the pride of 9 seen in the afternoon. They are slowly making their way toward the wildebeest.
Wildebeest take off!
Lioness in wildebeest dust but other members of the lion pride had circled around toward the wildebeest from a different angle.
I always need to include one of these.



  1. What lovely pictures! Can't believe I'm the first to comment. You really captured the scenes well. Love the lions on the hunt, a rare sight. Mostly they sleep!

    1. I think some people have trouble figuring out how to leave a comment. Or perhaps you are the only one reading? :) Glad you like the photos. Yes, seeing the lions being so active was pretty amazing. They must have been really hungry.


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