Monday, September 7, 2015

Into the Wild

It's almost here! Early Wednesday morning we leave for our trip to Kruger Park. As much fun as it would be to hang around here and start planning our move to a new house, we are very excited for this trip. 

After hours of preparation, some of which I described in this prior post,  we are ready!

The boxes are labeled
The car is packed. With room left for our clothes and the camping fridge.

The master list is complete. Or should I say masterpiece of a list?
I should have alphabetized it.

The new camping refrigerator
The perishable food
Our guide called a little while ago to check in and see what kind of vehicle we have and if we had any questions. Unfortunately Mr. Deep is at work so I just answered that we have a Jeep Rubicon but I couldn't give appropriate detail on all of the upgrades and couldn't adequately impress him with the details of our 4x4 prowess. The guide also mentioned that there is only one other vehicle going on the trip so that makes our "who is the most prepared" competition a little more cut throat than expected. There will be one winner and one loser, no one in between. Of course the other people going on the trip don't know we are in a competition so that automatically gives us an advantage. In re-reading this I think it might be time for professional help....

I won't be posting any updates for a few days but I hope to have many great pictures and experiences to share when we return next week! 


  1. LOL, too funny! Oh, and can I hire you when I need a professional packer next time? OMG you need to make a business out of that. My husband woul salivate over that kind of organization from his wife...

  2. You can definitely hire me when you want your closet cleaned and organized. That is my favorite :)

  3. ha! Have you read that book by that Japanese woman that everyone is raving about? And if so, doesn't it make you mad that SHE got to write it and make millions, when YOU are probably a much better declutterer? The unfairness...

  4. I don't know how I missed this post but hysterical!! I would like to point out that you called me competitive, little did we know your competitive spirit!

    1. Ha! I must have been trying to keep my competitive nature quiet at the time. Stay tuned for a post about how our competition played out .


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