Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Case of the Stolen Sunglasses

This post isn't going to read like a Nancy Drew mystery novel because this is an open and shut case. No investigation is required. My sunglasses were taken in broad daylight and there were numerous witnesses to the crime. 

Yes, I was the victim of a  pick-pocketing. My sunglasses were stolen right out of the front pocket of my pants, Before I could react the Artful Dodger had run off with the goods. I got a good look at the perpetrator. He looks like this.

The good news is that my sunglasses were returned to me. The bad news is they now look like this.

The crime occurred at a place called Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary located in Hartbeespoort in the North West Province about 45 minutes from our home.  

There were numerous written and verbal warnings advising visitors to hang tight to belongings. Mr. Deep was horrified that my glasses were stolen within five minutes of starting our tour.

The primates who live in the sanctuary are former pets or were bred for the pet trade. The sanctuary allows them to live in the wild enjoying waterfalls, trees and nature. There is a fence around the perimeter but the monkeys can roam all through the preserve. The tours are one hour long for small groups and are led by a very knowledgeable guide. Our guide told us that often people have monkeys as pets, then the monkeys start to misbehave, the people can't handle them anymore and they wind up here. 

Squirrel, spider and capuchin monkeys as well as lemurs live in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is really beautiful to walk through. We walked through on an elevated deck like path.

There is something called the bridge of courage which Mr. Deep said reminded him of Indiana Jones. As you are walking through the area the monkeys are all around you and, in some cases, on you!

Mr. Deep about to cross the bridge of courage. It really wasn't scary. It just shakes a lot.

I'm cute but I steal things
A monkey climbing up Mr. Deep

Yes he has a monkey on his back and yes the monkey is trying to unzip our camera bag.

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  1. This is probably my favorite post so far!

    1. Yes, who doesn't like cute monkey pictures? Hope you made it back to NJ?

  2. Very cute! All of them, even the thieving ones. So I have to admit, when the title to this email arrived in my inbox, I thought, Oh no, here we go, the first theft in South Africa, didn't take that long, now I'll have to feel bad etc. SO glad it wasn't the human kind of thief!

    1. Yes, not a real crime. Next we need to check out the elephant sanctuary. I read your post about that and it looks like fun as well


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