Thursday, March 26, 2015

Say Goodbye to Sunninghill

Recently I wrote about the Sunninghill Guest Lodge but today's post is about the neighborhood where the guest lodge is located called Sunninghill Gardens. Every weekday I run and/or walk around the neighborhood. When I run, I focus on trying to stay alive. Joburg is over 5500 feet above sea level so breathing and running at the same time is not easy. When I walk I notice lots of things about the neighborhood. Mostly it's gates, walls, landscaping and dogs. We are moving to our house on Wednesday April 1st so look for pictures soon from our new neighborhood!

Here are some pictures taken over the course of the last month in Sunninghill Gardens. 

Pretty tree lined street view

This is a house that has a traditional African thatched roof. 
Pretty sure that big pole is a giant lightening rod.

Gorgeous pink flowers are falling quickly. Fall is coming! 

Everywhere there are walls and then on top of the walls is an electric fence. 
It's strange at first but you get used to it.
Many dogs behind gates throughout the neighborhood. They would bark when I took their pictures so I tried to be stealth as to not have anyone think I was casing the home.

Why so sad?
Gorgeous plants and landscaping everywhere!


  1. So gorgeous! I love to see the dogs in homes and not running the streets with no one to love them like in other countries.

  2. Amazed at all the green considering all the drought they've had although I guess early 2015 wasn't as bad as what it was by years end.

    1. Thank you for reading and for all of your thoughtful comments. Yes, when we first arrived in Joburg it was raining fairly regularly. Now the situation is much more dire.


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